Thursday, May 19, 2011

The Streets - taking it to....

It's not the fact that we are now up to day 3 of continued sunshine - something to celebrate in Vancouver for sure, although my mother tells me that the south east of England and the Isle of Sheppey has had no rain in 9 weeks.

That never happens here. My dear mum also told me that the heat is comparable to mid-summer temperatures in Vancouver, ooh. And then she said that it's expected to warm up again this weekend.

There's been a lot of lively action this week in Vancouver with people turning out in large numbers to support rallies organized by the Mining Justice Alliance. Yesterday an incredible protest took place against Goldcorp and today the focus switched to First Majestic Silver. The mining outfit held its AGM at the Terminal City Club on West Hastings Street.

Two Wixaritari men who had taken out proxy shares in First Majestic were initially denied entry to attend today's AGM. Negotiations by activists eventually saw the two men being allowed to take part in the AGM.

We are witnessing the start of protests in Vancouver that could last all summer. The Conservative majority government elected by a minority of Canadians is deeply discouraging but has had the effect of alerting people to the fact that if parliament does not represent us - then it's time to go to the streets.

All around the world people have engaged in civil disobedience, have engaged in vigils and marches and many types of rallies in the last six months or so. Protests are always taking place but it seems like there is a groundswell in activity. It's like the era when George W Bush was first elected.
It could be just my perception but something about the present time suggests to me that we are entering into an era of protest similar to that. It looks as if activists from different communities are making connections with each other.

It was visible today with local indigenous folks supporting the indigenous Wixaritari from northern Mexico. There's no denying that when that happens the effect is powerful.

Once again the protest on the street today proved that the streets are not the way that you get to work, or somewhere you go to work or eat. The streets are there to enable people to speak out and to let us all know of injustices taking place - be it on the next block or in some remote village in a land far away.

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