Monday, November 26, 2012

Monday's Mix set list 26 Nov 2012

Here's the set list for today's show on Vancouver Cooperative Radio

Body knows best - Anya Marina
Oblivion - Grimes
Good morning - Miss Massive Snowflake
Charmed life - Joy Williams
Tides - The XX
Black summer - Efterklang
Unfold - The XX
Anubis - Tasseomancy
Make believe - Rhoneil
Snowbear - Bernice
Forgiven - Bernice
Backstab - The Automation
Get a job - Gossip
Caves - Data Romance
Dudu - Tarkan
Meany - The Just Barelys
Counting on you - Signs
The cold harbour road - Stornoway
Boats & trains - Stornoway
We are the battery human - Stornoway

Saturday, November 24, 2012

The 6.57 to St. John's set list 24 Nov 2012

Lots of music this morning,

you can hear the show at

What once ran wild - Wild Domestic
School days - Modern Superstition
Another country - Couples
Don't reach out - Long Weekends
Meany - The Just Barelys
Worry queue - The Just Barelys
Painted like a forest - The Holiday Crowd
Reve General - Bernice
Boats - Elfin Saddle
Le probleme - Bernard Adamus
Beating drums - The Marquee
Take over panther - English Words
Archaeopteryx - Mary Cobham
California - Joni Mitchell
I remember Warsaw - David Rovics
Wonderful hearts - Lowlands
Absalom - Hinindar
Malibu rum - The Woodensky
End of God - Grey Kingdom
Imminent failure - Grey Kingdom
Your complex - The Utilities
Season in hell - Marine Dreams
Government Street - The Lonesome Weekends
Bone soldiers - Baby Eagle & The Proud Mothers
Animal lover - Milk & Rectangles
Blued & black - Couples
Sound of Hamilton - Hands & Teeth
Evil eyes - Mary Cobham
Universally known/Already forgotten - Wild Domestic

The show is every Saturday morning at 7am on 100.5fm in Vancouver or online at

I'm back at Coop on Monday at 10.30am for Monday's Mix.

Friday, November 23, 2012

Set list for Sound Resistance 23 Nov 2012

I host Sound Resistance normally the first Friday of the month, but this month I did the 3rd and 4th Fridays. Forget last week's show, you didn't miss much but this week, this week was a completely different story.

Here's the set list
The operation - Morrissey
On Battleship Hill - PJ Harvey
Can't get out of bed - The Charlatans
Aren't you the girl - Tim Buckley
Fire at the pageant - The Felice Brothers
Crafty fag - The Nightingales
Ontario - Laura Merrimen
Go Amanda - Steve Earle
Too many nights - Laura Merrimen
What once ran wild - Wild Domestic
Springhill - Springhill
(It's not war) just the end of love - Manic Street Preachers
Not fade away - Buddy Holly & The Crickets
House of the rising sun - Nina Simone
Turn me on - Nina Simone
All I want - Joni Mitchell
Underdog - Chuck D
Lock howl - Storm Corrosion

you can hear the show at

Monday, November 19, 2012

set list for Monday's Mix 19 nov 2012

Monday's Mix show #5

Today's show was co-hosted with Nicole Deagan.
Here is the set list for today's show,

We are a music show, which is kinda filling in the blank until a new show is found to fit the slot 10.30am to noon on, 100.5fm

Backstab - The Automation
Motown - Mary Cobham
Hit the ground (superman) - The Big Pink
Long distance lullaby - Stornoway
Love rocket - Pelt
Get back - Veruca Salt
Too fast for love - The Donas
Body knows best - Anya Marina
Get a job - Gossip
Raggamuffin - Selah Sue
True happiness this way lies - The The
Jack the ripper (melody) - Morrissey
Palisades - Great Bloomers
Blue bird - Grey Kingdom
A quick drink and a slow dance - Dance Movie
Parks & Resignation - Dance Movie
Blow out the candles before you leave - Dance Movie

Saturday, November 17, 2012

The 6.57 set list 17 Nov 2012

Here's set list for today's show

Younger brother - Freeman Dre & The Kitchen Party
My love - Freeman Dre & The Kitchen Party
Wasted every time - Freeman Dre & The Kitchen Party
Angelina - The Wooden Sky
Motown - Mary Cobham
Wonderful hearts - Lowlands
Lovers & thieves - Lowlands
Old problems - Jon McKiel
Another - Stuck On Planet Earth
Don't fall into the wrong hands - Milk & Rectangles
Violent Hawaii - Jon McKiel
Make believe - Rhoneil
Bring it all back home - Tragically Hip
Don't run our hearts around - Black Mountain
I wanna die young - Great Bloomers
In the distance - Great Bloomers
The ride - The Just Barelys
For winter - The Utilities
At long last - Long Weekends
Pennies found - The Holiday Crowd
Do it - The Pinecones
O Ivy - The Pinecones
This time yesterday - Harvest Breed
Backstab - The Automation
The power & the wake - Elfin Saddle
Chaos hand - Elfin Saddle

you can hear the set at

Monday, November 12, 2012

Monday's Mix radio show for 12 Nov 2012

Hello all

Here's the set list for today's show on CFRO, 100.5fm,

At the coop radio website you can find the show by searching the archives starting at 10am.

The show begins at 10.30am so you will have to wait 30 mins or so for the start of the show or if you can't be bothered with waiting, life is busy I know, just go to the 11am link.

Tales of endurance (parts 4,5,6) - Supergrass
St. Petersburg - Supergrass
Melody emergency - Gossip
Pop song automaton - Zombies
Hollow mountain - Efterklang
Fiction - The XX
Meany - The Just Barelys
Stay gold - The Big Pink
Fulton Road - Bernard Adamus
The words that maketh murder - PJ Harvey
When Mum and Dad made me - Rory McLeod
Body knows best - Anya Marina
Kaleidscope - James
The coldharbour road - Stornoway
Here comes the blackout - Stornoway
Watching birds - Stornoway
Mr Important - Bis
How she boogalooed to it - The Beach Boys
Don't reach out - Long Weekends
Evil egg - Mary Cobham
Painted like a forest - The Holiday Crowd