Saturday, January 26, 2013

The 6.57 to St. John's set list 26 Jan 2013

A return to form!

In the distance - Great Bloomers
Palisades - Great Bloomers
Slowly in your gaze - Great Bloomers
Just listen (don't talk) - Harvest Breed
Out of love - Mad Ones
Miracle intention - Mad Ones
Strung Like Lights at Thee Printemps Erable - Godspeed You! Black Emperor
Something on Sherbrooke - The Breezes
The Breezes - The Breezes
Calm down - Luke Lalonde
Dots and fears - Ferriswheel
Songs that travel in waves - The Meek
Dusk light - Del Bel
So and so - Red Shag Carpet
You lost my love - The Stance
When the man comes - Trip The Off
Seveneight - Panos
Hammer down - Eugene Ripper
All around the world - Eugene Ripper
Fog chief - Saltwater
Fire song - Mary Cobham
Travel on - Indio Saravanja
Sparrow - Kolapore
Lady in yellow - Kolapore
Wendall Walker - Andy Shauf

The 6.57 to St. John's can be heard every sat AM from 7 to 9. you can listen in the greater vancouver area at 100.5fm or online at

unfortooonateleeee the streaming is downed this weekkender

Monday, January 21, 2013

set list for Monday's Mix 21 Jan 2012

Here is the set list

Islands - The XX
Missing - The XX
Tides - The XX
Feltham is singing out - Hard-Fi
Seveneight - Panos
Secretary song - The Go! Team
Little things - Doug Hoyer
With you in my arms - Doug Hoyer
Hillbilly motobike - Stereolab
Dark doo wop - Ms Mr
Lovers collide - Adaline
Controller - Passwords
Jump with me - Paul Irvine
Don't leave me Paris - Paul Irvine
Broke down umbrella - Paul Irvine

Saturday, January 19, 2013

The 6.57 to St. John's set list 19 Jan 2012

In between moaning about the heat in the studio, played some pretty good music this morning on the show.

The heat is becoming a problem. A boring problem.

Set list
What once ran wild - Wild Domestic
Heart's the target - Milk & Rectangles
Last night's dress - Modern Superstitions
Sally Ann - Long Distance Runners
If I forget to say I love you - Long Distance Runners
Poison one - Gang Signs
Entre ici pis chez vous - Bernard Adamus
Fulton Road - Bernard Adamus
Born to you - Wildlife
This yesterday, redux - Harvest Breed
A coat of loup garou - Entire Cities
Gimme a ride - Entire Cities
Don't wanna beg - Mad Ones
Buffalo - Senor Dinosaur
Feather of Columbia - Mon Electric Bijou
Painted like a forest - The Holiday Crowd
Pennies found - The Holiday Crowd
Songs that travel in waves - The Meek
Dots and dreams - Ferriswheel
Snowbear - Bernice
Under your spell - Rhoneil
The changing wind - Elfin Saddle
In the pines - Gabrielle Papillon
2176 - Bernard Adamus

Saturday, January 12, 2013

Top 5 countdown for 2012 on The 6.57 to St. John's

Okay I know, I know that is a lot of numbers in the title.

Well we started our end of year 2012 countdown for our top 61 songs of the year back on the 22 Dec.

Six judges including me reviewed 61 songs - gave each song a score and then those scores were totted up to give the chart. The other five judges only knew the names of the songs - and I listened to the songs with my back to the computer in order to avoid bias.

It worked out pretty well I think.

You'll need to check out the previous blog posts to see the rest of the chart however, we did play again today the songs that charted ten to six. The show would have been much too short otherwise.

You can hear the show by going to the archive on the Coop Radio website. (7am button)

Here is the countdown

#10 This is who I am - Mike O'Neill
#9 Make believe - Rhoneill
#8 Last night's dress - Modern Superstitions
#7 Palisades - Great Bloomers
#6 All of the apples in the basket - David Newberry
#5 Mountain town - Jon & Roy
#4 End of God - Grey Kingdom
extra, Imminent failure - Grey Kingdom
#3 Wendall Walker - Andy Shauf
extra, Jesus, She's a good girl - Andy Shauf
#2 Entre ici pis chez vous - Bernard Adamus
extra, Fulton Road - Bernard Adamus
#1 The Ocean - Ciseaux
extra, The Game - Ciseaux
extra, Dance Card - Ciseaux

and then for the second time in two days I had to leave Coop Radio early - so thanks to the computer a large part of the first hour was repeated in the second hour of the show.

Sound Resistance set list 11 Jan 2013

Well I totally wasn't expecting to do this show but there you go - life is full of surprises.

I am normally down to do the first SR show of the month. However - we needed a replacement at the last minute for Rowan but even then I had a bargaining meeting to attend for the paying gig at the library.

A day before that gig I got word that it had been cancelled which meant I could do my regular job - ooh - and also do SR.

So here is the set for the second SR show of the year on the global day of action for Idle No More and check out the link (cut and paste) to hear the last hour of the 90 minute show. You'd have to trawl your way through Rock Talk to hear the first 30 mins.

Set list
It's over - Panos
Seveneight - Panos
Real gone - Indio Saravanja
Gone tomorrow - Panos
Rabble from a beehive - Saltwater
Go on now - Laura Merriman
Another line - Laura Merriman
Holy one - The Unquiet Dead
Waiting for a train - Matthew Hornell & The Diamond Minds
Holy ghost - Jon McKiel
Pleasure is all mine - Bjork
Light up bright fires - PVT

That looks like a short set list for a 90 min show, doesn't it well that's because I played a speech about Idle No More and also downloaded the last 20 minutes of last week's show and repeated in the last 20 minutes of 11 Jan show in order to get away early. I love computers.

Saturday, January 5, 2013

6.57 to St. John's end of year 2012 chart countdown

Today's set list for The 6.57 to St. John's end of year chart 2012

Had hoped to do the top 23 today but it ended up being the #23 to #6.

Here are the tracks,
#23 Election day - Long Distance Runners
#22 Prologue - Mary Cobham
#21 Memory loss - Mary Cobham
extra, Vanish - Mary Cobham
#20 Prequel - Gang Signs
#19 Hide & Seek - Stone Iris
extra, Poison one - Gang Signs
#18 Child of the valley - The Wooden Sky
#17 Nairobi - Wind Up Radio Sessions (2011 - #4)
#16 Parks & Resignation - Dance Movie
#15 A few yards away - Ferriswheel
#14 Younger brother - Freeman Dre & The Kitchen Party
#13 Don't give up on me - Harvest Breed
extra, Everything changes - Harvest Breed
#12 Oh my favourite - Gabrielle Papillon
#11 Thatś what you do best - Adaline (2011 - #4)

#10 This is who I am - Mike OŃeill
#9 Make believe - Rhoneill
#8 Last nightś dress - Modern Superstitions
#7 Palisades - Great Bloomers
#6 All of the apples in the basket - David Newberry
extra, No one will remember you - David Newberry

The top five and other goodies next week on 100.5fm at 7am (pacific time)

Friday, January 4, 2013

Sound Resistance set list 4 Jan 2013

I host Sound Resistance on the first Friday of the month,

You can check out the show by going to the archives at the above address and scrolling through the archives.

Here's the set list
Make the first song of your album happy - Keep Me Safe
Always with a boy - Keep Me Safe
16 in April - Keep Me Safe
Roger and out - Neil Young
The gradual reprise - Old Reliable
Dust on my hands - Old Reliable

repeat NYE session with Pernell Reichert _ the set list from the NYE show has yet to be posted.

continued SR show,
Mary - Pat Lepoidevin

A reading from the book Lakota Woman by Mary Crow Dog

Mountain man - Pat Lepoidevin
This is an ashanti proverb - from Red Hot & Riot - Fela Kuti tribute album
By your side Sade
Promised land - Joe Smooth
Vakura - Bjork
Who will tell the people - David Rovics
Atmosphere - Flowers of Hell
Heart's the target - Milk & Rectangles

New Year's Eve program highlights

Hello all

Just a quick note to say that I will be posting highlights from the New Year's Eve show on in the next few days.

Along with Kelly Reaburn and Chris Stephenson, I hosted The New Year's Eve special show on Vancouver Cooperative Radio, CFRO, 100.5fm.