Saturday, January 19, 2013

The 6.57 to St. John's set list 19 Jan 2012

In between moaning about the heat in the studio, played some pretty good music this morning on the show.

The heat is becoming a problem. A boring problem.

Set list
What once ran wild - Wild Domestic
Heart's the target - Milk & Rectangles
Last night's dress - Modern Superstitions
Sally Ann - Long Distance Runners
If I forget to say I love you - Long Distance Runners
Poison one - Gang Signs
Entre ici pis chez vous - Bernard Adamus
Fulton Road - Bernard Adamus
Born to you - Wildlife
This yesterday, redux - Harvest Breed
A coat of loup garou - Entire Cities
Gimme a ride - Entire Cities
Don't wanna beg - Mad Ones
Buffalo - Senor Dinosaur
Feather of Columbia - Mon Electric Bijou
Painted like a forest - The Holiday Crowd
Pennies found - The Holiday Crowd
Songs that travel in waves - The Meek
Dots and dreams - Ferriswheel
Snowbear - Bernice
Under your spell - Rhoneil
The changing wind - Elfin Saddle
In the pines - Gabrielle Papillon
2176 - Bernard Adamus

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