Thursday, August 19, 2010

Rocks, fossils and CD burns

That has been pretty much my focus this week. I have been walking on the beach between Minster and Leysdown every day for the last three days.

I have found some great rocks. The beach is characterized by erosion. Fortunately the long hot summer, not now, that England has had means the mud, so dangerous in winter is completely dry and safe to walk on. I am still treading carefully though.
Yesterday had to turn back as the tide turned.

It is great watching the subtle but powerful forces of nature. The combination of the sea, the wind, rain and sun continue to tear down the cliff. As they do the London Clay soil releases fossils. No buildings are currently at risk but a post office building had to be abandoned as did an ice cream shop. And way back in the past was an abbey. Now perhaps a mile out to sea. I don't know if the building was taken down prior to slipping, but the site is a mile out.

At the shore's edge is the second world war lookout towers. You can scramble down onto them but it's a dicey scramble.

Sheerness library is affording me the opportunity to burn CDs.

That's all for now.

Friday, August 13, 2010

Day 2 On The Road, Seattle

Yes folks I'm in the U S of A!

Took the short bus trip from Vancouver to Seattle yesterday morning. Arrived feeling groggy after two nights of little sleep. Don't worry or perhaps you should, I've been a "good" boy. Blog rocking Radio is Radio, and editing in Adobe kept me up late.

Dad gave me my early morning wake up call and then it was off I went. A walk through the DTES, my hood to the bus depot where I chilled, literally, for an hour. I was then ready for basting and the ride to Seattle. I like it here, nice city.

I am at the YHA. Spent yesterday with a guy from Conneticut and we ended up hanging out most of the day, random walked aroud town talking about wives, girlfriends, work, life, travel. We finally found a place to eat close to the Hostel in and then realised that it was the Chinese restaurant attached to the Hostel. The Onion pancake the chef made triggered the fire alarm and the hostel was evacuated.

Fire trucks turned up and a party including twelve pre-teen school girls had their photo taken with the firefighters. Heroes!

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Last Call set list 11 August

Last Call set list for 11 August show

note Pine Tarts' Modern Lovin played near end of set, not able to edit in Blogspot right now, for some extraordinary mad reason!

Time - Supergrass
Do you wanna - The Kooks
The only one I know - The Charlatans
Laid - James
Then - The Charlatans
Vondelpark - 1990s
Everybody please relax - 1990s
Jenny jitters - The Stance
Untitled - Interpol
Modern drift - Efterklang
Kissing is easy - Magneta Lane
Regrettable tattoos - The Paperbacks
Babies - Pulp
Turkey mambo momma - Pulp
Please don't worry - Pulp
Pink glove - Pulp
Do you remember the first time? - Pulp
You're a nightmare - Pulp
A rush and a push and the land is ours - The Smiths
I started something - The Smiths
All is vanity - Manic Street Preachers
Benny - Old World Vulture
Sweet malady - The Book of Lists
I'm so bored with the USA - The Clash

Sunday, August 8, 2010

African Vibes 8 August 2010

African Vibes set list for the show 8 August, on Vancouver Cooperative Radio, CFRO, 102.7 FM

Set List

In the rain - Stephanie Braganza
Let me love you for tonight - Kariya
Anthem - Moby
Fire dance - Seun Kuti
Game block - The Luge Sessions
En la esquina - Dubin Hood
Take me home - Black Umfolosi
El Nino Africano - Kotto
La paix - Amadou & Mariam
Good golly Miss Molly - Little Richard
Champions - Bisso Na Bisso
I'm sorry - Lazare S Halk
Fishbone - Township Express
Souba Souba - Vieux Farka Toure
Bokoye - Ali Farke Toure
Subtle confrontation - Trip The Off
Good 2 Be - Stephanie Braganza
Unity - Black Umfolosi
Sanctuary - Antibalas
Armagadeon time - Trip The Off
Clark Street - Trip The Off
Things about coming my way - Ndidi Onukwulu
Fight to the finish - Fela Kuti

Friday, August 6, 2010

Gospel Train meets Filling In The Blank meets Front Row Centre

A Friday night on Vancouver Cooperative Radio, CFRO, 102.7FM

This was the set for Friday 6 August 2010

Good golly Miss Molly - Little Richard
Street music - Trip The Off
You're too cool - The Zolas
No satisfaction - Black Mountain
Sarah - Digits
Tides of time - Oromocto Diamond
Elephant in the room - Pleasure Bridge
Turn off your phone: stay the night - Shagbots
Dearest darling - Bo Diddley
Everyday I have the blues - BB King
Leaders of men - Joy Division
Hard end - The Luge Sessions
Dry the rain - The Beta Band
The arc of a light - The Paperbacks
Regrettable tattoos - The Paperbacks
A Hawthorne sublet - The Paperbacks
Kiss me kiss me - The Stance
New moon - Pine Tarts
Jenny - Smokekiller
Runnin' out of fools - Neko Case
Cold killer - Ben Sigston
Your song - Elton John
Ruler of my heart - Irma Thomas
Things about coming my way - Ndidi Onukwulu
Long distance relationship - The Campbell Apartment
Handjobs for the holidays - Broken Social Scene
Don't run our hearts around - Black Mountain
Modern lovin - Pine Tarts
You win again - Hank Williams
Regrettable tattoos - The Paperbacks
Hollowed-out tree trunks - Murder Ford Monument
Benny - Old World Vulture

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Last Call set list 4 August 2010

Here's the set list for the 4 August show

Time - Supegrass
Say something - James
We're going to miss you - James
Mr Maker - The Kooks
Sway - The Kooks
Sweet tooth - The Stance
Brown sugar - The Rolling Stones
Comfort me comfort you - Rep By Pop
Spanish bombs - The Clash
Bike - Pink Floyd
Untitled - Interpol
Her majesty - The Beatles
Page one - The Charlatans
Sour times - Portishead
It's a fire - Portishead
She's lost control - Joy Division
Leaders of men - Joy Division
Tart tart - Happy Mondays
Mad Cyril - Happy Mondays
Kinky afro - Happy Mondays
Step on - Happy Mondays
Brain dead - Happy Mondays
Wrote for luck - Happy Mondays
Infatuation - The Rapture
A man in a purple dress - The Who