Friday, August 13, 2010

Day 2 On The Road, Seattle

Yes folks I'm in the U S of A!

Took the short bus trip from Vancouver to Seattle yesterday morning. Arrived feeling groggy after two nights of little sleep. Don't worry or perhaps you should, I've been a "good" boy. Blog rocking Radio is Radio, and editing in Adobe kept me up late.

Dad gave me my early morning wake up call and then it was off I went. A walk through the DTES, my hood to the bus depot where I chilled, literally, for an hour. I was then ready for basting and the ride to Seattle. I like it here, nice city.

I am at the YHA. Spent yesterday with a guy from Conneticut and we ended up hanging out most of the day, random walked aroud town talking about wives, girlfriends, work, life, travel. We finally found a place to eat close to the Hostel in and then realised that it was the Chinese restaurant attached to the Hostel. The Onion pancake the chef made triggered the fire alarm and the hostel was evacuated.

Fire trucks turned up and a party including twelve pre-teen school girls had their photo taken with the firefighters. Heroes!

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