Thursday, August 19, 2010

Rocks, fossils and CD burns

That has been pretty much my focus this week. I have been walking on the beach between Minster and Leysdown every day for the last three days.

I have found some great rocks. The beach is characterized by erosion. Fortunately the long hot summer, not now, that England has had means the mud, so dangerous in winter is completely dry and safe to walk on. I am still treading carefully though.
Yesterday had to turn back as the tide turned.

It is great watching the subtle but powerful forces of nature. The combination of the sea, the wind, rain and sun continue to tear down the cliff. As they do the London Clay soil releases fossils. No buildings are currently at risk but a post office building had to be abandoned as did an ice cream shop. And way back in the past was an abbey. Now perhaps a mile out to sea. I don't know if the building was taken down prior to slipping, but the site is a mile out.

At the shore's edge is the second world war lookout towers. You can scramble down onto them but it's a dicey scramble.

Sheerness library is affording me the opportunity to burn CDs.

That's all for now.

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