Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Day 21 on the road - Lancashire la la la!

Libraries rock! Writing this blog post from Carnforth Library, Lancashire. Funny that I have been in four branch libraries since I left Vancouver.

Sheerness Library, Kent
Minster Library, Kent
Burnt Oak Library, London
and here.

I arrived back in Carnforth from Ambleside in the Lake District yesterday evening. I was in the Lake District for two days proper, but have been hiking since I arrived in Carnforth last week.

Last Friday hiked to the Lion and the Lamb, on Helm Crag. On Monday I hiked to Fairfield Crag and also St Sunday Crag, the latter by mistake after I missed the path. With lots of daylight and beautiful sunny weather I had time to relax and sit down to admire the views at various points in the day.

The Lake District is superb. Lots of access points. No real wildlife concerns - i.e bears. Yesterday though had to wait for 15 mins to get through part of a field that would have taken 30 seconds were it not for cattle and young calves. Swam in part of Lake Windermere briefly, almost glacial cold, chased by curious rather than attacking swans. Sat on a bench dedicated to the memory of Sarah Faulkner in the beautiful graveyard of Holy Trinity Brathay. At the church itself a woman made me coffee and served up homemade cakes and biscuits. Northern hospitality!

Back to London tomorrow en route to Kent and Faversham beer fest Sunday.

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