Sunday, December 16, 2007

Jarvis family tree - two deaths 1917, 1924

Saturday, December 15, 2007

Family Tree - The Fahey's and the Harvey's

The Fahey's and the Harvey's are my mother's side of the family and I can trace back four generations and have three names in that generation of my family.

Fahey, Connelly & Wall
My mother's father was Michael Fahey. He was one of 14 children that lived past birth. Michael was born in Clonmel on the border of Tipperary and Waterford counties in Ireland. I have visited Ireland and the house where he was born in the summers of 03 and 04. I met my grandfather's brother Martin and his children, and other family members.

During my 04 trip I also met relations from the Nire Valley in Waterford. Michael's mother was born Mary Connelly. It is this part of the family that I can trace back the furthest. Mary was the daughter of Dick Connelly and Ann Wall. My grandfather's oldest sibling Alice had a son who I met in 04 along with his wife and a daughter, her husband and their two young daughters. In just that one sentence I mention three cousins!

Michael's father was Lau(or w)rence Fahey. His father my great great grandfather was Tom Fahey. I don't know the name of Law's mother.

Harvey, Smith
My mother's mother was born Muriel Harvey before marrying Michael Fahey. Michael already had two sons from a previous marriage. With my grandmother they had eight children including my mother. Muriel's parents were Arthur Harvey whose hometown as far as I know was Colindale, which is also the town where I grew up in north west London. I have also been able to trace another Harvey from the previous generation in the same area but no other details.
Muriel's mother was Florence Smith of St Neots, Northamptonshire. Nothing else is known about that side of the family. I have a photocopy of a picture of Arthur and Florence in old age with their daughter and my grandmother Muriel.

Friday, December 14, 2007

Ready for the off

I packed my back pack tonight. Everything went in. It was easy really. I have been packing it in my mind for weeks, not too many clothes, and even those I'm taking I'm thinking could lose en route or leave behind in England etc.

I am a bit light in the presents dept. Going to have a look around tomorrow see if I can remedy that.

Still have three houseplants to find a home for. Might take a stroll down to Co-op Radio tomorrow to see if they will adopt them. Jamie and Rhonda going to take the remainder of the food items and that pesky Propane cannister which I have been stowing since the summer.

Apart from that I think I have everything covered.

Getting pretty excited.....