Saturday, May 28, 2011

The 6.57 to St John's set list 28 may 2011

My best plaid - The City Streets
Sweet tooth - The Stance
Are you mine - The Robots
16 in April - Keep Me Safe
Romania - Boxer The Horse
In another country - Couples
Yesterday's gurl - Elephant Stone
Drunks & thieves - Falklands
Alive - Stuck On Planet Earth
Late night radio - Slow Down Molasses
Jenny jitters - The Stance
Found - Falklands
Filthy love - We Are Enfant Terrible
OMG - Ohama
Bad apples - Boxer The Horse
How I came - Watermelon
Reach out your hands - Friends Electric
Paper Streets - Couples
Stand in the water - Wildlife
Telefunken stereo - Then Radio
The humble - Mat Duffus
Protocols - Then Radio
Mary - Pat Lepoidevin
Bodies - Slow Down Molasses
Tired bees - Snowblink
Ghost of the Carbisdale castle - Pat Lepoidevin
Madrugada Eterna - The KLF

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Another list - Last Call total plays top 50

Way overdue. Here's an up to date list of the artists played and the total number of plays for each artist up to 25 may 2011.
Top 50 most played artists on Last Call

Supergrass 77
Manic Street Preachers 75
James 58
The Clash 38
Stone Roses 25
Joy Division 25
The Beatles 23
The Charlatans 23
The XX 22
Ian Brown 21
The Smiths 21
PJ Harvey 21
Belle & Sebastian 20
Jack Penate 19
Billy Bragg 19
The Kooks 19
Hot Chip 19
Esben and The Witch 19
Jamie T 17
Asian Dub Foundation 16
Pulp 15
Stornoway 14
The 1990s 13
60 ft Dolls 13
Glasser 13
Pete Doherty 13
The Morning Benders 13
Digits 12
New Order 12
Gang of Four 12
The Fall 12
Broken Records 12
The Winks 12
Oromocto Diamond 11
The Rapture 11
The Levellers 11
Radiohead 11
Efterklang 11
Happy Mondays 10
Old World Vulture 10
Egyptian Hip Hop 10
Julian Plenti 10
The Big Pink 10
Dodgy 10
Nitzer Ebb 10
The Streets 10
Stereolab 10
Mathematique 9
Portishead 9

Last Call set list 25 may 2011

Time - Supergrass
Roof of your car - The Streets
Burn the bridges to the shores - The Square Waves
Rip-run - Seefeel
I just want your jeans - God Help The Girl
Arcady - Pete Doherty
Cosmic country noir - Stereolab
Rut & nuzzle - Snowblink
Marching song - Esben & The Witch
Wilderness - Joy Division
Coldharbour Road - Stornoway
Rabbit hole - James
How soon is now? - The Smiths
The end of the movie - Stornoway
Little Lou, ugly Jack, prophet John - Belle & Sebastian
Lookaway - James
Write about love - Belle & Sebastian
All day day light - The Morning Benders
Marlon J D - Manic Street Preachers
Rock and roll hairdo - The Sarah Michelles
Do dizzy - The Sarah Michelles
White riot - The Clash
England - PJ Harvey
In the dark places - PJ Harvey
Underdogs - Manic Street Preachers
Virginia State Epileptic Colony - Manic Street Preachers
All we make is entertainment - Manic Street Preachers
Seagull - Ride
It's hot - James

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

A Stanley Cup Final

I am so pleased for all the Canucks fans. I have to say that I have taken my eye off the ball or should that read the puck over these last few weeks.

Beating Chicago was amazing. Purely because the last two years Vancouver had failed to pass them. A lad at the library was telling me how he called a Vancouver Boston final way back when in the season and so I guess that is now even closer to happening.

Should be a good party in downtown Vancouver right now - but I guess that will wrap up pretty soon as most people I guess will be conserving their energy for the Stanley Cup Final.

I want to keep writing it - I have heard so much about 1994 and having arrived in Canada in 2004 this is my first taste of the fever. I am not a fan but like I said during the Chicago series I am fan of watching Vancouverites enjoying themselves.

Congratulations Vancouver - enjoy the Stanley Cup Final.

Highway Houses by Pat LePoidevin

Highway Houses is an album by Pat LePoidevin. I have been listening to it steadily for a week or so now since I found it in one of the bargain buckets at Coop Radio.

Unbelievable that this album was destined for a Coop Radio CD castoff sale - other gems discovered as a result of my late night rummaging include We Are Enfant Terrible and Lovely Killbots.

Hey, I say this not as any kind of hero but merely to point out there are imperfections in the Coop Radio music committee. But hey Coop's a community station with limited funds. A paid up Music Committee person would make the difference though I'm sure.

Anyhow back to Highway Houses. I listened to the opening track North a few weeks back as I was sorting through CDs for the early morning show The 6.57 to St John's, a temporary and new show on Coop Radio.

As I pottered around in the kitchen with the CD playing - a great way to study music by the way. If the music is unsuitable it will soon stop you from what you are doing be it washing up or preparing dinner. And although I am not sure how far I got into the CD before I returned to pick up the CD case and study this Pat LePoidevin bloke, it must easily have been half way through.

Another early listen to the album really got me - with the 'hey' chant in Mary. It reminded me of a kind of indigenous style of singing - the type I have seen on the streets of Vancouver during various protests and celebrations.

It is such a subtle yet brilliant album - right down to the artwork, one of the Highway Houses has a mountain peak for a roof top and blends easily with my memories of road trips to the interior of British Columbia.

It should come of no surprise then that Pat LePoidevin is from Princeton. It really impressed that Pat was born in just 1987. It made me think that he's the same age as some of fellow students that I went to radio school with, and immediately I started to think of my BCIT pals Caroline, Matt another Pat and Scott, and them discovering and listening to Pat LePoidevin.

One thing I'd like to know for sure is the correct spelling of LePoidevin. Is it as I just wrote it or is it Le Poidevin or Lepoidevin or L'Epoidevin or something else?

The title track of the album Highway Houses is one of those songs that gets deep inside of you - it actually gives me the chills. Highway Houses is Bruce Springsteen's Nebraska territory. My CD player is beginning to die and jump and skip and it just spat as '97' played - the skip happened just as the track was making a chord progression and having started to skip myself to the CD player to eject the CD the spat ended and I stood amazed at the beauty of the song.

Highway Houses is a beautiful piece of art.

Sunday, May 22, 2011

It says Roots Reggae but it aint

There's some seriously good music at this link 7am and 8am links

cut and paste

oh and it's not roots reggae - the earlier hours is roots reggae

Saturday, May 21, 2011

Best set yet for The 6.57

I enjoyed that. I think today's show might be the best of the four shows to date for The 6.57 To St. John's.

Here's the complete set list including the pre-set from 6.42,

Immigration officer - Dubin Hood
Rip-run - Seefeel
Window - PVT
Borrowed time - John Lennon

My best plaid - The City Streets
Age 25-29 hairline - Shane Turner Overdrive
Reach out your hands - Friends Electric
Kiss me when I come - Keep Me Safe
That cold night - Pale Whale
Alive - Stuck On Planet Earth
Are you mine - The Robots
Someday I won't - The Murder Plans
The humble - Matt Duffus
Ain't mama - Scott Dunbar
16 in April - Keep Me Safe
How I came - Watermelon
Love meets rage - Code Pie
There's nothing out there - The Twin Library
Chelsea girl - Ride
Transmission - Bocce
Face of Maya - Exit 451
Because of the bees - We Are Enfant Terrible
Romangst - Lovely Killbots
Spook in the woods - Construction & Destruction
B Flat - Construction & Destruction
Stand in the water - Wildlife
Winter's end - Michael LaRoy
Strangers - Then Rad10
Love=NBA Jam - B A Johnson
North - Pat Lepoidevin
Bilderburton - Pete Tremblay & The Boozy Truth
Live jam - Pugs And Crows
April skies - Jesus & Mary Chain

Friday, May 20, 2011

Film favourites

I just watched Stranger Than Paradise. This is one of those films that is going to stick with me for a long time. A Wiki reviewer says it's been influential on indie film makers ever since.

The Hungarian character Eva is played by Hungarian actress Eszter Balint. She is great. She is calm in the presence of her uncaring cousin and nothing seems to bother her. This delights her cousin Willie.

It's filmed in B & W and takes in New York, and the states of Ohio and Florida and is probably one of the most accurate films I've ever seen in illustrating the tedium of the road and motels and well just hanging around.

A must see,
I am adding it to my film favourites book.

What's in the book.....

okay in no particular order,
Bread e Tulipo
Pump Up The Volume
Donnie Darko
The Name of the Roses
Goodbye Lenin
High Fidelity
28 Days Later
Land and Freedom
Cinema Paradiso
Gadjo Dilo
In America
Look Both Ways
The Horses Mouth
North Country
Map Of The Human Heart
Le Courbeau
Dancer In The Dark

The Making of Jaws

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Vancouver sun postcard #3 - Mining Justice

The Streets - taking it to....

It's not the fact that we are now up to day 3 of continued sunshine - something to celebrate in Vancouver for sure, although my mother tells me that the south east of England and the Isle of Sheppey has had no rain in 9 weeks.

That never happens here. My dear mum also told me that the heat is comparable to mid-summer temperatures in Vancouver, ooh. And then she said that it's expected to warm up again this weekend.

There's been a lot of lively action this week in Vancouver with people turning out in large numbers to support rallies organized by the Mining Justice Alliance. Yesterday an incredible protest took place against Goldcorp and today the focus switched to First Majestic Silver. The mining outfit held its AGM at the Terminal City Club on West Hastings Street.

Two Wixaritari men who had taken out proxy shares in First Majestic were initially denied entry to attend today's AGM. Negotiations by activists eventually saw the two men being allowed to take part in the AGM.

We are witnessing the start of protests in Vancouver that could last all summer. The Conservative majority government elected by a minority of Canadians is deeply discouraging but has had the effect of alerting people to the fact that if parliament does not represent us - then it's time to go to the streets.

All around the world people have engaged in civil disobedience, have engaged in vigils and marches and many types of rallies in the last six months or so. Protests are always taking place but it seems like there is a groundswell in activity. It's like the era when George W Bush was first elected.
It could be just my perception but something about the present time suggests to me that we are entering into an era of protest similar to that. It looks as if activists from different communities are making connections with each other.

It was visible today with local indigenous folks supporting the indigenous Wixaritari from northern Mexico. There's no denying that when that happens the effect is powerful.

Once again the protest on the street today proved that the streets are not the way that you get to work, or somewhere you go to work or eat. The streets are there to enable people to speak out and to let us all know of injustices taking place - be it on the next block or in some remote village in a land far away.

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

The Heat is on

This can't really be summer but it is beginning to feel like it. Two days of sunshine - not sure I can remember the last time that happened in Vancouver. And it looks set to continue into the Victoria Day long weekend.

Another bike ride round Stanley Park. Saw two women fighting and a guy connected to it, but not involved in the fisticuffs but who ended up in cuffs when the police arrived. It begs the question, which I put to one of the police officers - why the cuffs for someone who was not involved. The only conclusion that I could come to was the officer made a decision based on bias against the person's ethnicity and class. I tried to think of how police would react upon arriving in a similar situation in say Shaunessy and not as this was outside a restaurant in English Bay.

Of course I was interfering and being a nuisance but then that's the response one would have when one witnesses something such as that - well it would be where I am from. The cuffs only go on in the UK when it's proven or the police have a suspicion that you have committed a crime. In this situation in Vancouver today they did eventually take off the cuffs. It was at that moment that I left.

I asked the woman police officer why she was putting this guy in cuffs without knowing what has happened and that it would be better to ask questions. She responded by asking me to let her do her job. Her colleague then informed me that I should leave otherwise he'd put me in cuffs. My response - not likely.
I walked forward ten feet, away from the incident, and continued to observe. Half a minute later he comes up to me and asked why I had come back. My response - I hadn't gone anywhere and that it was he that came to me.

So that's how I passed twenty minutes of a beautiful sunny afternoon. I found it incredible though that most folk only made passing comments at the outset of the police arrival and then split.

And for the real criminals - well they had a conference today in downtown Vancouver - Goldcorp. A Canadian mining company causing environmental damage in Guatemala. And by the way the Canadian Pension Plan is investing in Goldcorp.

Last Call chart for 18-24 May | Radio is Radio

Last Call chart for 18-24 May | Radio is Radio

Last Call set list 18 may 2011

Time - Supergrass
Armageddon days are here - The The
Crowning of the poor - Ian Brown
Morning Mr Magpie - Radiohead
One life stand - Hot Chip
Faults - Seefeel
Build the bridges to the shores - The Square Waves
Morning drift - Efterklang
The Coldharbour Road - Stornoway
Rut & nuzzle - Snowblink
Glad - Glasser
It's happening - The Winks
Light streams - Esben & The Witch
On Battleship Hill - PJ Harvey
Porcupine - James
Twenty four hours - Joy Division
Dr Helier - James
I've been waiting for tomorrow (all of my life) - The The
The future has been here 4 ever - Manic Street Preachers
All we make is entertainment - Manic Street Preachers

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

radio la la la and sun sun sun

I know I have worked for a week like this for a long time but I can't help feeling like the Gods are smiling on me.

By Friday it will be my first day at work for almost a week. I am benefiting from time off thanks to union duties past and upcoming. So I am kind of working but I am not putting books on shelves.

In addition the absence of elections or conventions of any sort means that I can chill at home a little and do some housework - hello carpet. I am all for politics and busy ness but there's definitely pleasure in chilling.

I even found humour laughing with a car driver at the antics of another car driver today while cycling in downtown Vancouver.

After a trip to the dentist, which is always a pleasure. I like the dentist. What can I say, but I do.

Wanting to be out in the sun and not wanting to rush home to paperwork, okay call it procrastination or a desire to get as much Vitamin D as possible I headed to Stanley Park via False Creek. I somehow managed to fall off my bike at False Creek. Feeling it now in my left hand - oooooh.

But it was a great ride, with stop at the automated light station, not really a light house just under the Lions Gate Bridge and another stop at Siwash Rock before cycling home.

I'm listening to Pale Whale - what a great band. Will be featuring some of their album on Saturday on Vancouver Cooperative Radio - The Six Fifty Seven To St John's.

Rocky Raccoon sends his best.

Vancouver sun postcard # 2 Shipping News @ Lions Gate Bridge

Vancouver sun postcard # 1 Tribute to Jimi Hendrix

Sunday, May 15, 2011

African Vibes 15 May set list

African Vibes airs on Vancouver Coop Radio every Sunday night at 7pm.

Normally hosted by Victor Obosi and by me, Gary Jarvis, every last Sunday of each month, with some exceptions like tonight.

You can hear the show at

Here's the set list.
Me Gustas tu - Manu Chao
Going back to my roots - Odyssey
Buy Africa - Fela Kuti
Eh oh - Femi Kuti
Sanctuary - Antibalas
Six love - The Luge Sessions
Spanish bombs - The Clash
Spanish bombs - The Luge Sessions
Stop the taser - Lazare S Halk
Amilly - Kenge Kenge
The 2nd night in Mohamed Ali Street - Mahmoud Fadl
Fatouma - Fantazia
Amampondo - Miriam Makeba
Oxgam - Miriam Makeba
Please baby - Madeleine Peyroux
Tonight - MXO
High ride samba - TrenchAnt
Subtle confrontation - Trip The Off
That very night in dub - Prince Fatty
Gangsters - The Specials
Aliss - Etran Finatawa
Racist friend - The Specials
Soobax - K'naan
Rat race - The Specials

and was that Mozart at end of set, yes it was

Saturday, May 14, 2011

The Six Fifty Seven To St John's radio show set list 14 May

This shows airs on CFRO 102.7FM Vancouver Coop Radio every Saturday morning at 7am....

Here's the set list. You can hear the show at and search for the 14 May 7am link (reads as Roots Reggae), and 8am link....

My best plaid - The City Streets
You lost my love - The Stance
Are you mine - The Robots
Yesterday's gurl - Elephant Stone
One of a million - Danny Echo
Electric lights - The Murder Plans
Save you for lost - Hilary Grist
Let me go - Roxanne Potvin
Save me - Jody Quine
Rut & nuzzle - Snowblink
Beware of bees - Twin Library
Reach out your hands - Friends Electric
Must be machine - Lovely Killbots
Make you laugh - We Are Enfant Terrible
Songs of storms - Ephixa
Filthy love - We are Enfant Terrible
Blue Monday - New Order
Anxious - Cousins
A hawthorne sublet - The Paperbacks
Regrettable tattoos - The Paperbacks
Lost dreams - Digits
The appeal of the master dredger - Mutatis Mutandis
Far from home - Chris Velan
Emma comes home - Steven McKay
My love & I - Cam Penner
Beehives - Chad Vangaalen

Thursday, May 12, 2011

Nearly Eby

NDP MLA hopeful David Eby came really close tonight to defeating the BC Premier. What a great effort by the grassroots activists of the NDP in Point Grey.

In the end Eby came just 595 votes short of Christy Clark's total number of votes.

The miserable low turnout of approximately 30 per cent affected both candidates. The Green Party and BC First each failed to get enough votes to cause spoiler concerns.

And pity poor independent Eddie Petrossian who got just 14 votes. At least your family loves you Eddie.

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Extended hours at Coop Radio

Did a long haul show last night today on Coop Radio.

Here's the complete set list,

A salty salute - Guided By Voices
Evil speakers - Guides By Voices
Watch me jumpstart - Guided By Voices
They're not witches - Guides By Voices
America the beautiful - Neil Young
Open up your heart - The Rapture
Jackie - Sinead O'Connor
Love - The Smashing Pumpkins
Bones - Murder Ford Monument
Sweet tooth - The Stance
Baby What you want me to do - Neil Young with Crazy Horse
Jenny jitters - The Stance
Haircut economics - Hot Hot Heat
Modern lovin - Pine Tarts
How the west was lost - Old World Vulture
Faulty times - Black Mountain
Beware of bees - Twin Library
Morning drift - Efterklang
Reach out your hands - Friends Electric
Are you mine - The Robots
I believe - R.E.M.
Lord of overstock - Guided By Voices
Your name is wild - Guides By Voices
My best plaid - The City streets
Lies lies lies - Elephant Stone
Yesterday's gurl - Elephant Stone
Anxious - Cousins
Baby learns to crawl - Paul Westerberg
16 shells from a thirty-ought six - Tom Waits

I've been waiting for tomorrow (all of my life) - The The
Ailene - Broken Records
Eumenides - Esben & The Witch
She's so loose - Supergrass
Always where I need to be - The Kooks
White riot - The Clash
London calling - The Clash
London's burning - The Clash
Transmission - Joy Division
Journal for plague lovers - Manic Street Preachers
The sinking feeling - The The
England - PJ Harvey
Warpath - Esben & The Witch
Lotus flower - Radiohead
Hand me down your love - Hot Chip
Make you laugh - We Are Enfant Terrible
Faults - Seefeel
Zaffa Hindi - Mahmoud Fadl
Crystallised - The XX
Dead guitars - Seefeel

Sunday, May 8, 2011

Now read this!

Just had a funny thought. Perhaps cos I'm watching Doctor Who and marveling at time travel but where are the readers of this blog. Yeah where are you reading this blog from?

So here's my message in a bottle. I'm getting lots of hits from the United States but where in the U.S. Also are all you Danish readers reading just cos of Esben?

Cheers mateys!

Saturday, May 7, 2011

set list Six Fifty Seven To St John's 7 may 2011

an audio file coming soon on

set list

Lies lies lies - Elephant Stone
Are you mined - The Robots
Someday I won't - The Murder Plans
Happy new year - We Are The City
That's it that's all - We Are The City
Places to stay - Friends Electric
Maybe I wanted phantoms - Twin Library
Colours - Young Liars
The winter hive - Twin Library
Prey for rain - Pete Tremblay & The Boozy Truth
Party party party - Pete Tremblay & The Boozy Truth
Ain't Mama - Scott Dunbar
Nightmares - Isobel Trigger
Public square - Mutatis Mutandis
Rut & nuzzle - Snowblink
Make art - The Paperbacks
Regrettable tattoos - The Paperbacks
The common bird - Jess Hill
Bull dog - Sheena Grobb
OMG - The Streets
Immigration officer - Dubin Hood
90s kids - Oh No! Yoko
A minefield - The Murder Plans
Crazy people on the internet - Laurie Biagini
Loyal man - Yukon Blonde
Dance 'til the end of time - Steven McKay
She rises - Maria In The Shower

Let it rain, let it rain, let it rain.

Vancouverites will be both cursing and delighting in our plentiful rain this May. It is both amazing and devastating. It's like nature is demonstrating the energy which makes this province and in the particular the Lower Mainland so verdant.

At the same time it is devastating for the poor people and I mean poor both in the pecuniary sense of the word and also for being the unfortunate ones. It could be so very different. The homeless of Vancouver could be sleeping in shelters by night and leaving their possessions secure by day.
Rider Cooey talking on Vancouver Coop Radio today said that some 200 people lost a roof over their heads at the end of April.
In Scotland there's a saying "Dinnae cast your cloak until May is oot." How apt for the weather Vancouver is experiencing right now.

The city chose to cut funding and close the shelters resulting in an immediate climb in the number of homeless. Both housing advocates and activists will agree that that number is likely to be less than 200 due to the fact that some have moved into Single Room Occupancy hotels. For others this is not an option due to addiction risks.

You don't have to look very hard to see the folks who could be benefiting from a place at the HEAT shelters were they still open. This is a city with wealth. It can be seen in the downtown bars and expensive cars. Then there's the new housing developments in the DTES. The occupants of Woodwards living a life of luxury cheek by jowl with men and women sleeping in doorways.

At Vancouver Public Library on Georgia - a ten minute walk from the DTES the homeless congregate to escape the rain. One homeless man wears shoes so worn down that only his toes and instep are covered from the elements. His heels hit the ground. His baggy trousers are soaked and his "street feet" *, add another burden to his daily struggle.

In the washrooms in the basement area of the library patrons are warned to not "sponge bath". In addition to the no-loitering signage the homeless can hardly call the library a refuge. It's not meant to be. It's a library, but many are finding this is the only place they can go where they can sleep and see out the day hassle free. After the library closes many stay in the atrium area of the downtown library until they are requested to leave by the security staff. It's a sorry state of affairs.

* Street feet is a condition of blistered and damaged feet which results from a person walking around all day with no means to change their socks and shoes or to care for their feet.

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Last Call chart for 4-10 May | Radio is Radio

Last Call chart for 4-10 May | Radio is Radio

Last Call set list 4 may 2011

After a slight delay only solved by marmite and peanut butter sarnies Last Call is proud to bring you the set list for the 4 May show. Remember you can listen to the archives of the show at

Some tech glitch means that today's show is showing as incomplete. 51 mins for first hour and even less for the second hour of the show.

Nevermind. You'll just have to tune in next week at midnight (pacific coastal time), remember we're 8 hours behind the UK, 3 hours behind Toronto. Hope that helps. Also trying to sort the distortion that appears to persistent on the archives.

It could be as simple as having the microphone too high. Let's see what we can do about. I will be back at Coop on Saturday morning 7am for the The Six Fifty Seven To St.John's.

Last Call set list 4 May

Time - Supergrass
Police & thieves - The Clash
Underdogs - Manic Street Preachers
In another world - Maximo Park
The hill - Bombay Bicycle Club
Always where I need to be - The Kooks
Sticks and stones - Jamie T
Roof of your car - The Streets
Love - Orange Deluxe
Song of a baker - The Small Faces
Abstain - Five Thirty
Lost in the supermarket - The Clash
All we make is entertainment - Manic Street Preachers
The words that maketh murder - PJ Harvey
England - PJ Harvey
Warpath - Esben & The Witch
Which side are you on - Billy Bragg
Got the shakes - James
Lotus flower - Radiohead
Surfacing - Chapel Club
Window - PTV
Infinity - The XX
Everloving - Moby
Here comes the blackout - Stornoway
I want the world to stop - Belle & Sebastian
Dead guitars - Seefeel
Tell her I said so - James
Kaliedscope - James
A leaving song - Broken Records
Rabbit hole - James