Tuesday, May 24, 2011

A Stanley Cup Final

I am so pleased for all the Canucks fans. I have to say that I have taken my eye off the ball or should that read the puck over these last few weeks.

Beating Chicago was amazing. Purely because the last two years Vancouver had failed to pass them. A lad at the library was telling me how he called a Vancouver Boston final way back when in the season and so I guess that is now even closer to happening.

Should be a good party in downtown Vancouver right now - but I guess that will wrap up pretty soon as most people I guess will be conserving their energy for the Stanley Cup Final.

I want to keep writing it - I have heard so much about 1994 and having arrived in Canada in 2004 this is my first taste of the fever. I am not a fan but like I said during the Chicago series I am fan of watching Vancouverites enjoying themselves.

Congratulations Vancouver - enjoy the Stanley Cup Final.

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