Saturday, May 21, 2011

Best set yet for The 6.57

I enjoyed that. I think today's show might be the best of the four shows to date for The 6.57 To St. John's.

Here's the complete set list including the pre-set from 6.42,

Immigration officer - Dubin Hood
Rip-run - Seefeel
Window - PVT
Borrowed time - John Lennon

My best plaid - The City Streets
Age 25-29 hairline - Shane Turner Overdrive
Reach out your hands - Friends Electric
Kiss me when I come - Keep Me Safe
That cold night - Pale Whale
Alive - Stuck On Planet Earth
Are you mine - The Robots
Someday I won't - The Murder Plans
The humble - Matt Duffus
Ain't mama - Scott Dunbar
16 in April - Keep Me Safe
How I came - Watermelon
Love meets rage - Code Pie
There's nothing out there - The Twin Library
Chelsea girl - Ride
Transmission - Bocce
Face of Maya - Exit 451
Because of the bees - We Are Enfant Terrible
Romangst - Lovely Killbots
Spook in the woods - Construction & Destruction
B Flat - Construction & Destruction
Stand in the water - Wildlife
Winter's end - Michael LaRoy
Strangers - Then Rad10
Love=NBA Jam - B A Johnson
North - Pat Lepoidevin
Bilderburton - Pete Tremblay & The Boozy Truth
Live jam - Pugs And Crows
April skies - Jesus & Mary Chain

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