Saturday, May 7, 2011

set list Six Fifty Seven To St John's 7 may 2011

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set list

Lies lies lies - Elephant Stone
Are you mined - The Robots
Someday I won't - The Murder Plans
Happy new year - We Are The City
That's it that's all - We Are The City
Places to stay - Friends Electric
Maybe I wanted phantoms - Twin Library
Colours - Young Liars
The winter hive - Twin Library
Prey for rain - Pete Tremblay & The Boozy Truth
Party party party - Pete Tremblay & The Boozy Truth
Ain't Mama - Scott Dunbar
Nightmares - Isobel Trigger
Public square - Mutatis Mutandis
Rut & nuzzle - Snowblink
Make art - The Paperbacks
Regrettable tattoos - The Paperbacks
The common bird - Jess Hill
Bull dog - Sheena Grobb
OMG - The Streets
Immigration officer - Dubin Hood
90s kids - Oh No! Yoko
A minefield - The Murder Plans
Crazy people on the internet - Laurie Biagini
Loyal man - Yukon Blonde
Dance 'til the end of time - Steven McKay
She rises - Maria In The Shower

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