Friday, May 20, 2011

Film favourites

I just watched Stranger Than Paradise. This is one of those films that is going to stick with me for a long time. A Wiki reviewer says it's been influential on indie film makers ever since.

The Hungarian character Eva is played by Hungarian actress Eszter Balint. She is great. She is calm in the presence of her uncaring cousin and nothing seems to bother her. This delights her cousin Willie.

It's filmed in B & W and takes in New York, and the states of Ohio and Florida and is probably one of the most accurate films I've ever seen in illustrating the tedium of the road and motels and well just hanging around.

A must see,
I am adding it to my film favourites book.

What's in the book.....

okay in no particular order,
Bread e Tulipo
Pump Up The Volume
Donnie Darko
The Name of the Roses
Goodbye Lenin
High Fidelity
28 Days Later
Land and Freedom
Cinema Paradiso
Gadjo Dilo
In America
Look Both Ways
The Horses Mouth
North Country
Map Of The Human Heart
Le Courbeau
Dancer In The Dark

The Making of Jaws

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