Tuesday, May 17, 2011

radio la la la and sun sun sun

I know I have worked for a week like this for a long time but I can't help feeling like the Gods are smiling on me.

By Friday it will be my first day at work for almost a week. I am benefiting from time off thanks to union duties past and upcoming. So I am kind of working but I am not putting books on shelves.

In addition the absence of elections or conventions of any sort means that I can chill at home a little and do some housework - hello carpet. I am all for politics and busy ness but there's definitely pleasure in chilling.

I even found humour laughing with a car driver at the antics of another car driver today while cycling in downtown Vancouver.

After a trip to the dentist, which is always a pleasure. I like the dentist. What can I say, but I do.

Wanting to be out in the sun and not wanting to rush home to paperwork, okay call it procrastination or a desire to get as much Vitamin D as possible I headed to Stanley Park via False Creek. I somehow managed to fall off my bike at False Creek. Feeling it now in my left hand - oooooh.

But it was a great ride, with stop at the automated light station, not really a light house just under the Lions Gate Bridge and another stop at Siwash Rock before cycling home.

I'm listening to Pale Whale - what a great band. Will be featuring some of their album on Saturday on Vancouver Cooperative Radio - The Six Fifty Seven To St John's.

Rocky Raccoon sends his best.

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