Saturday, January 12, 2013

Top 5 countdown for 2012 on The 6.57 to St. John's

Okay I know, I know that is a lot of numbers in the title.

Well we started our end of year 2012 countdown for our top 61 songs of the year back on the 22 Dec.

Six judges including me reviewed 61 songs - gave each song a score and then those scores were totted up to give the chart. The other five judges only knew the names of the songs - and I listened to the songs with my back to the computer in order to avoid bias.

It worked out pretty well I think.

You'll need to check out the previous blog posts to see the rest of the chart however, we did play again today the songs that charted ten to six. The show would have been much too short otherwise.

You can hear the show by going to the archive on the Coop Radio website. (7am button)

Here is the countdown

#10 This is who I am - Mike O'Neill
#9 Make believe - Rhoneill
#8 Last night's dress - Modern Superstitions
#7 Palisades - Great Bloomers
#6 All of the apples in the basket - David Newberry
#5 Mountain town - Jon & Roy
#4 End of God - Grey Kingdom
extra, Imminent failure - Grey Kingdom
#3 Wendall Walker - Andy Shauf
extra, Jesus, She's a good girl - Andy Shauf
#2 Entre ici pis chez vous - Bernard Adamus
extra, Fulton Road - Bernard Adamus
#1 The Ocean - Ciseaux
extra, The Game - Ciseaux
extra, Dance Card - Ciseaux

and then for the second time in two days I had to leave Coop Radio early - so thanks to the computer a large part of the first hour was repeated in the second hour of the show.

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