Saturday, January 12, 2013

Sound Resistance set list 11 Jan 2013

Well I totally wasn't expecting to do this show but there you go - life is full of surprises.

I am normally down to do the first SR show of the month. However - we needed a replacement at the last minute for Rowan but even then I had a bargaining meeting to attend for the paying gig at the library.

A day before that gig I got word that it had been cancelled which meant I could do my regular job - ooh - and also do SR.

So here is the set for the second SR show of the year on the global day of action for Idle No More and check out the link (cut and paste) to hear the last hour of the 90 minute show. You'd have to trawl your way through Rock Talk to hear the first 30 mins.

Set list
It's over - Panos
Seveneight - Panos
Real gone - Indio Saravanja
Gone tomorrow - Panos
Rabble from a beehive - Saltwater
Go on now - Laura Merriman
Another line - Laura Merriman
Holy one - The Unquiet Dead
Waiting for a train - Matthew Hornell & The Diamond Minds
Holy ghost - Jon McKiel
Pleasure is all mine - Bjork
Light up bright fires - PVT

That looks like a short set list for a 90 min show, doesn't it well that's because I played a speech about Idle No More and also downloaded the last 20 minutes of last week's show and repeated in the last 20 minutes of 11 Jan show in order to get away early. I love computers.

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