Saturday, December 8, 2012

Set list for 6.57 to St. John's 8 Dec 2012

Set list

You can hear today's show at

lots of music, big night Friday - not much chatter.
no bad thing. I know lots of you like it just like that.

Meet you here - Alice Kos
Bring you down - Alice Kos
Setting sun - Teenage Kicks
Simple things - Whiskeyface
When I was a younger man - The City Streets
Quartersticks - The Long Weekends
One pair of shoes - Mike O'Neill
No one will remember you - David Newberry
Sally Ann - Long Distance Runners
I forgot to say I love you - Long Distance Runners
Credits roll - Long Distance Runners
Mladic - Godspeed You! Black Emperor
New bodies - Bernice
Pacemaker - Bernice
Follow Will - Hinterland
Animal lover - Milk & Rectangles
Everybody knows it - Teenage Kicks
Kings, Queens and the wax machine - Pale Whale
All it took - Falklands
PBC - Falklands
Don't take my word for it - Falklands
For all the doomed lovers - The City Streets
Child of the valley - The Wooden Sky
Dark passing of words - Grey Kingdom
The wind is trying to kill me - Dale Murray
Light, I'll call your name out darkness - Grey Kingdom
Everything changes - Harvest Breed
Strung like lights at the Printemps Erable - Godspeed You! Black Emperor

John Lennon - the music lives on forever.

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