Saturday, December 1, 2012

6.57 to St. John's set list 1 Dec 2012

Animal lover - Milk & Rectangles
Take over panther - English Words
Be alone - Natural Flavas
Mladic - Godspeed You! Black Emperor
Cottonwood glacier - Fjord Rowboat
Any new lover's prey - Great Bloomers
Palisades - Great Bloomers
Memory loss - Mary Cobham
Stay away from you - Stuck on Planet Earth
Painted like a forest - The Holiday Crowd
Through stained glass - The Book Of Lists
Shine on my mind - Kate Maki
Last night's dress - Modern Superstion
Sinister - The Just Barelys
Alive - Stuck On Planet Earth
Treading water - Long Distance Runners
All of the apples in the basket - David Newberry
Election day - Long Distance Runners
Fulton road - Bernard Adamus
Tristesse - The City Streets
Everything changes - Harvest Breed

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