Monday, December 24, 2012

Monday's Christmas Eve mix

Monday's Mix is a show currently on air at Coop Radio until a new show is found at this time spot.

Well that doesn't sound very grand does it - but that is exactly the deal. That said Coop Radio is looking for applications from music program makers.

If you are in the Vancouver area contact or call the station on 604 684 8494 to find out more.

Here's the set list
Life is like this - Carrie Days
Run Rudolph run - Chuck Berry
Za - Supergrass
Okay yeah okay - The Just Barelys
People I love - English Words
Manic sparkles - Cinderpop
Public taser - Shooting Guns
Do they know it's Christmas - Bandaid
Wonderful urgency - Scotty Hills
Do they know it's Christmas - Bandaid (live)
Drummer boy - The Flaming Lips
When I'm 64 - Baxter Dury
The Pink Panther theme - Henry Mancini
Apocalypse, please sign the release form first - Sleuth
Never done nothing like this before - Supegrass
Victoria - Dumb Angel

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trevor said...

Alright! Gary Jarvis has a blog! How's it going mate?