Sunday, April 24, 2011

What the Canucks

What the Canucks indeed. The Vancouver Canucks look set to repeat a statistic that they'd rather not - taking a 3-0 lead in a play-off series only to give it up and go out 4-3. They haven't given up completely and the replacement of goal tender Roberto Luongo by Cory Schneider hasn't come a moment too soon. Of course there's a lot else wrong with the team - but don't ask me - what the Canucks do I know about hockey.

Great Easter Sunday, I did a Schneider - sub that is, Victor Obossi out of action tonight on African Vibes. Yet Victor is on top of his game. Let's leave it there, before the Luongo massive rises up.

I should have compiled a set list to post on here. Never mind I will be back at Coop Radio hosting African Vibes for the last Sunday of May. Started the day out on Hollyburn snow shoeing, what a great mountain, so beautiful up there. Thinking seriously about investing in a pair of snow shoes - makes the mountain so much more accessible even if the snow banks are beginning to collapse aaarrrghhh.....


Anonymous said...

What the African Vibes?
You cannot host on the Last Sunday evening of May!!!! We are traveling in a car to Naramata, that will be filled with Springsteen music.

Gary Jarvis said...

Hey Todd

You are absolutely right! I will let Victor know - Thanks!!!