Sunday, April 24, 2011

Just don't mention the wedding

Thankfully, thankfully - I'm in Canada, a long way from the hype surrounding the wedding of a young lad called William Windsor. As a son of England it is one of those happy moments for me at least when I am far far away from Blighty. Willi - what a great name, Willi Windsor. Of course he's better known as, well you know what he's better known as. Really seeing his mug and that of his bride to be on front of the glossies really makes me want to take a holiday in a land that time forgot. Well I always want to take a holiday there.

There's recession in Europe, war in north Africa, nuclear calamity following an earthquake in Japan and closer to home we are seeing Vancouverites suffer because of the collapse of their beloved hockey team to Chicago in the play-offs and are we interested in some tat from a bygone era, no we are not.

Everyone knows what the royals are about and it became explicitly clear following the death of Willi's mother Diana. This extreme wealth is part of the problem in this world. I'm thankful I'm here in Vancouver where the whole sorry affair can be easily avoided. Oh and Willi during your Canuck honeymoon please leave us alone in peace in Vancouver.

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