Saturday, April 30, 2011

The Six Fifty Seven To St John's radio show set list 30 April

This radio show is so new it doesn't even have a podcast entry on Vancouver Coop Radio's archive page.

So if you want to find it head to

and then scroll for 30 April 7am and 8am for the show. You'd need to click on the Roots Reggae play buttons for 7am and 8am.

Here's the set list for the virgin show. The Six Fifty Seven To St John's plays music from the length and depth and breadth of Canada.

En la esquina - Dubin Hood
Sarah - Digits
Cold killer - Ben Sigston
Little angel - Scott Dunbar
Lit from within - The Paperbacks
Beware of the bees - Twin Library
In another year - Modern Boys Modern Girls
Jenny jitters - The Stance
The Queen is dead - The City Streets
God save the Queen - The Sex Pistols
The drugs - Billy The Kid
Just trying to get by - Billy The Kid
There she goes - Analog Bell Service
White light - The Torrent
Meet me in the basement - Broken Social Scene
English Bay - Blue Rodeo
Kansas - The Gertrudes
I think I'm terrified - Maria In The Shower
Of all the places - Steven McKay
Someday I won't - The Murder Plans
Tell a lie - The Murder Plans
Chocolove - La Patère Rose
Places to stay - Frends Electric
Good lives - The Paperbacks
Restore me - Steven McKay
My lover & I - Cam Penner
Coffee song - Matthew & The Birds

The Six Fifty Seven returns next Saturday morning at 6.57am (yeah really!) on 102.7FM or, joining Gary Jarvis in hosting will be Pam Carr, and a cast of thousands including Compelish Rawlins. Have a great week.

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