Wednesday, April 6, 2011

This is Spring

This really is spring. You know how I know. Cos today I experienced all the seasons in one day. Well with the exception of Fall I had it all. I stood in the cold at a bus station in Abbotsford waiting for the bus to Vancouver. Occasionally the sun would appear from behind the clouds. I experienced spring at the pool table with my good friend N. Had a few beers and it felt like summer. Saw a lad getting beaten up and intervened by calling the cops well - flagged them down! That felt like deep winter but summer when I leapt into Hastings!

What a strange life - strange day. Got all the way to Chilliwack and talked to the lovely people at a radio station there. Awesome. And then it was time to get to A where I met my good friend K and her lovely H. We had T with an ea and it was splendid.

I love spring.......

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