Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Fog and biking

Main and Hastings at 3.52am - no bus. Started cycling.

BCIT campus 4.35! Oh yeah!

I'm so grateful for the full moon and dry conditions. It made cycling so easy. The cycling was easy but the cold, ouch. By the time I got to Nanaimo my ears were frozen. I took off my gloves and by the time I'd reached Windermere had transferred my gloves to my ears. My bike helmet holding them in place. I used my the stretch sleeves of my jacket to keep my hands relatively warm. I then noticed my feet were cold. Keep peddling!

It's an easy route.

criss cross from M & H to Union which becomes Adanac. Follow all the way to Gilmore and then downhill via Still Creek Drive.

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Adjoa said...

Hi Gary,

Wow that is really early in the morning.

How are you doing?