Thursday, December 3, 2009

Freezing # 2

Timed my Gastown to BCIT cycle route today. Started out at 3.53am and arrived at the Broadcast Centre 42 minutes later.

That time is about my average. I think how much faster I could it with a road bike (racer) or at least some paniers. One thing is certain the bike is too small for me but the dinosaur, T Rex, to you continues to do the job.

A neighbour was up bright and early and there were several cars on the road this morning, full moon rising!

The alarm woke me from a dream, and I nearly reset it. Stood for a moment consequences dimly going through my dreamy head. I got dressed. Made two cheese, peanut butter and honey sandwiches on sour dough. One for breakfast, one for later. Just had a banana and now drinking water, coffee will have to wait.

It's currently -1. The clear condition continue today but there's increasing cloudiness and I guess we'll get rain by the weekend.

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