Thursday, December 17, 2009

Liam Maher

It's rare for me to feel a sense of loss at hearing at the death of a celebrity but this is where Liam was different. He wasn't a celebrity. He just one of the lads and I remember some great times when I saw Flowered Up live, including their gig at Shoreditch Town Hall.

My friend Paul and I loved Flowered Up, "It's on you, Sonia!"

There is a brilliant article online (the link follows, cut and paste)

I remember when Weekender came out. I had the vinyl copy and most of the serious techno fans weren't that impressed but I loved it. I loved the sample intro,

"Your barmy staying out all hours of the night" or words close to that,

and then Liam responds, "don't worry I ain't gonna turn into a fucking pumpkin am I!"

I just loved that.

And now I feel some nostalgia for it. But those were shitty days too. That horrible recession and not knowing where I was going in life....

I found my way.

Really sorry to hear about this. My thoughts go out to Liam's close friends and family.

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