Monday, November 30, 2009

Top Gear

Up before the birds on Monday morning for a show at Evolution1079.

I had set my alarm for 1.01. I woke before that having gone to bed at about 9.30 after making pancakes and banana bread.

Thankfully I had laid out all my stuff before going to bed, as I was definitely still disorientated. The banana bread helped.

I then rode my bike a few blocks to Hastings and Gore and waited for the nightbus. About a 15 minute wait in the balmy December night. Not cold at all. Well five layers probably helped. Also not raining.

The night bus came and I struggled to get my bike on the rack. A woman jumped off bus and helped me. Thanks again.

Got off at Gilmore and cycled downhill in top gear all the way to Gilmore and Still Creek Drive, before the slight climb over the highway towards BCIT.

Caroline Samarodin scared the hell out of me five minutes ago when she emerged from the secret bunker.

tune in at 5.30!

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