Monday, February 21, 2011

Less is more, old is new

Okay first off have to say a big thank you to Oasis. It appears that I have lost an Oasis CD. I never lose CDs. To make matters worse this cd belongs to Vancouver Public Library. Did I mention that I work there too? I can't get off the hook, no special favours for me.

So I've lost this CD for the time being and the only thing that I can think that I must have done with it is put in the wrong case. So the hunt for the CD began on Saturday. I'm hunting mostly in my kitchen. I even checked inside the freezer and the fridge because sometimes when I open them CDs fly in from their vantage point. Thanks to Oasis I have decided to move the CD player. It now rests on a chair. At that chair's foot is the Panasonic cassette deck that I rediscovered while looking for the CD. There's some real gems in this cardboard box. Some real retro stuff that I sorting for use, for the give away box etc.

Losing this CD and the hunt that has begun for it and the finding of stuff and the using of this stuff feels a little like Spring. Easy Gary it's February 21 still. Okay okay but you get the point. Right now I am listening to a cassette that was once a yoga exercise workout tape but I dubbed over at some point in the last five years and is now some late night recording of CBC Canada en francais. The music is great. This cassette is a keeper.

Back to the hunt....

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