Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Big news all of the time

I keep trying to tell myself that big news stories happen all the time. It's impossible to not forget that my home countries of Canada and the UK are still knee deep in war in Afghanistan. Then there's Iraq. Not forgetting the Tsunami of 2004, Hurricane Katrina. And here's the but.

But there is something really incredible happening right now in the Middle East and North Africa which makes it feel like these stories are bigger than others. Perhaps it really is the fact that the mainstream media can't get enough of the stories due to the fact that these stories are new stories. Not forgetting the strategic necessity of The West's involvement in that region - oil.

Kind of makes you proud to ride a push bike doesn't it. I'm not gloating. I need that oil as much, well maybe not as much as the idiots in their Hummvies.
We have a quake in New Zealand, with deaths, a quick look at the tectonic plates, yes, could it happen here in Vancouver?
Gadafi might hang on to power he might not. It really looks like things are in the balance. The danger though is that many many people will perish. Many more than have died in the revolutionary momentum that has taken place in Tunisia and Egypt. One European journalist commented that the situation right now in Libya reminded him of the fall of Caucescu in Romania.

Big news all of the time.

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