Friday, June 4, 2010

Filling In The Blank on Coop Radio set list numero uno show

Tonight Caroline Samorodin and I launched Filling In The Blank. FITB is the newest show on Coop Radio, well obviously. You can hear the show every Friday night at 9.30pm. Guaranteed to hear lots of Canadian music and everything from gospel to metal as we fill the blank between The Gospel Train and Into The Pit.

Caroline joins me beer in hand.

set list
Filling In The Blank 4 June 2010

Nkosi Sikeli Africa - Montreal Jubilation Gospel Choir
Within a stone - Sadies
Crazy - The Pack A.D
Life magazine - Cold Cave
Hot house of Omaaararshid - The Yardbirds
Marching through your head - Zeus
Turn off your phone; stat the night - The Shagbots
Druganaut - Black Mountain
When my light comes shining - Rich Hope
Jenny - Smokekiller
Magalenna - Sergio Mendes
Jah is mighty - Bob Marley
Street music - Trip The Off
Lady killer - Priestess
It baffles the mind - Priestess

See you all again next Friday.
you can hear the podcast at

The show is listed as Accordion Noir, the last show that occupied the time slot.
So follow the link and the music will follow.

thanks everyone
Gary & Caroline

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