Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Last Call music

Whoa! It's still daylight outside, well I guess the evening will close in soon but at 7.24pm I am well happy with how much light we still have. It certainly makes life easier.

One thing is for sure though and that is when Last Call goes on air on Vancouver Cooperative Radio, www.coopradio.org it is always dark.

I've been listening to a lot of music online at at ReverbNation this week so I am looking forward to playing some of those tunes. In addition I am getting ever closer to having some kind of filing system for what is now three enviro friendly bags of CDs.

I have tried to grade the music as much as is possible.

Opening tracks - this changes each week, three to four discs that I will start show with. The danger is though I can change my mind at the last minute and go for something totally different. Paul Westerberg is up there right now.

Then comes the A List
This is actually the bulk of the stuff that is heard on Last Call.
But the list is split between
dance sounds

So right there I think you can see how the overlaps and considerations that go into making the A List
That's not forgetting the singer songwriters that also are in the A-List.

The B List
Well there's a smaller contingent of CDs there that come out on special occasions, longer shows, etc. Currently residing in the B List is Everything But The Girl's Eden.
A great album but not something Last Call listeners need to hear that often.

There is a C-List
Pete Doherty, is there.

C-List material is one step from retirement.

Tune in on www.coopradio.org/listen

midnight Vancouver

1am Edmonton & Calgary
2am Winnipeg
3am Toronto
4am Halifax
8am London & Lisbon
9am Paris
10am Zagreb
11am Moscow

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