Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Four hours of music on Coop Radio 102.7 FM

Sitting in for the Urban Renewal Project

Driving - Kaboom
Tu meri - Asian Dub Foundation
Sea lion - Sage Francis
Talk show created the fool - Chuck D
CNN - Kaboom
Rock the palace - Carpetface
Party for your right to fight - Public Enemy
I got a runny gnomes - Kaboom
Shut em down - Public Enemy
Survival in the sky - Trenchant
Black hand - Cadence Weapon
The distance - Tone Deff
Soobax - K'naan
Rise to the challenge - Asian Dub Foundatin
Move in, ride out - Tone Deff
Hard end - The Luge Sessions
Mary Mary - Run D.M.C
Up all night - Classified
Six love - The Luge Sessions
Oh Canada - Classified
Freestyle - Tone Deff
Porcelain - Tone Deff

Sweet malady - The Book of Lists
Painting rainbows - Stephanie Braganza

You're too cool - The Zola's
Sarah - Digits
Painting rainbows - Stephanie Braganza
In the rain - Stephanie Braganza
Lovely casino - Mathematique
Pocket calculator - Kraftwerk
Getting hungry - The Beach Boys
Nude photo - Rhythm is Rhythm
Good vibrations - The Beach Boys
You're welcome - The Beach Boys
Autobahn - Kraftwerk
Radioactivity - Kraftwerk
Six pianos - Steve Reich
Behind the Counter - The Fall
Iron man - Nico Vega
Someone's daughter - Beth Orton
Pleasant Street - Tim Buckley
Like soldiers do - Billy Bragg
Accident waiting to happen - Billy Bragg
To hell with poverty - Gang of Four
A lover sings - Billy Bragg
Acperience - Hardfloor
Olio - The Rapture
The fallen - Franz Ferdinand
I am the resurrection - The Stone Roses
A raga called Pat, Part one - John Fahey
Part of KLF's Chill Out
???? - Frank Black
When we last kissed - Stephanie Braganza
Acid thunder - Fast Eddie
Ghost of a thousand battles - The Dead Letters
Cathedral of leaves - The Dead Letters

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