Sunday, November 18, 2007

No Tasers

Really that is the only option for Canada. The total elimination of tasers. The death of Polish immigrant Robert Dziekanski is a tragic tragic event.

My view at the time of his death was that there is a problem with the training methods of the RCMP. Further information has come to light since Robert's death: that the police officers used the taser more than once and within half a minute of arriving on the scene and without attempting other restraining methods.

That last sentence suggests that Robert was a dangerous individual. Not so. He was a traveller in a secure area of the airport. He had passed through immigration control and was at the baggage pick up area. This area is not accesible to non-traveling visitors at the airport and is only accesible to international arriving travelers.

How could Canada do this? He came to Canada to be with his mother and start a new life in Canada. Where are the famous "Canadian Values"?

We can never bring back Robert but we can do something - ban Tasers.

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