Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Solidarity forever II

I worked a full day today and a day without incident for me. However the boss showed up and expected my co-workers to do the work on the back of the Thunderbird community centre. I am pleased to report that one of my co-workers said no citing the strike as the reason.

It also turns out that after I left the job site yesterday one of the strikers told another of my co-workers who was prepared to do the work that he would have to stop. I am pleased to hear that.

And yes the two other lads who were working yesterday did find sufficient work to do for the rest of yesterday. That flys in the face of what I was told that there was no other work. A fact that the other principled worker mentioned in the first paragraph rubbished saying that there was plenty of things I could have done.

Lesson: Don't rely on site supervisors for instruction. Find your own work to do on site and only when that comes to an end or if given a direct instruction follow that.

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