Monday, August 13, 2007

Admiring Crown Mtn from Goat Mtn, 11 August

On Saturday afternoon having met S at Waterfront station we took the 15 minute sea bus ride over to Lonsdale Quay and boarded a waiting 236 bus to the foot of Grouse Mountain. After a human fuel injection of coffee we took the gondola with the tourists.

Heading north in the direction of the grizzly bear enclosure we saw the two bears. It can't be right for those bears to be there. That is not their natural habitat. Of course though the bears are a guaranteed revenue stream for Grouse Mountain Inc. I think the Grouse Grind is only as popular as it is because of the outrageous $32 gondola charge. That said you can get an annual gondola pass for $90 and ride as many times as you like. GMI is not going to do anything that will eliminate the tourist trap.

Turning west in the direction of Dam Mountain we soon lost the crowds and heard only their occasional roars as they delighted at the Lumberjack show. We meanwhile delighted in the twists and turns of the trail to Goat Mountain. In less than an hour the trail offers a great view of Kennedy Lake which sits at the bottom of a perfect fruitbowl with creeks feeding it on all sides. The lake itself feeds Lynn Creek. Soon after we gained our first view of Crown. S likened it to a fortress. But our destination was Goat. We found several snow patches and the trail to be rugged in places. There were plenty of wispy clouds but no rain. Rain would have made the twisting rollercoaster trail treacherous. The air was cool and you could taste Fall but we made it to the foot of Goat and back to the gondola with only a few drops of moisture.

The fortress will be conquered but here's a pic I found online

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