Saturday, February 9, 2013

The 6.57 to St. John's set list 9 Feb 2013

A cracking show today,

check it out at

set list
Fulton Road - Bernard Adamus
Absalom - Hinindar
Amazing backgrounds - Eric Chenaux
Your complex - The Utilities
Eyes open/eyes closed - The Utilities
Ok yeah ok - The Just Barelys
Promethean eyes - The Breezes
Don't give up on me - Harvest Breed
Blackberry blossom - Ewan Dobson
My nightmare - Ewan Dobson
Change it up - This Is The Shoes
Something on Sherbrooke - The Breezes
The chase - This Is The Shoes
What once ran wild - Wild Domestic
The breezes - The Breezes
Salinas - Panos Giannoulis
Cracked canoes - The Unquiet Dead
Solis - Les Momies Du Palerme
Dull lights - Eric Chenaux
Sliabh Aughty - Eric Chenaux
Paganini in Spain - Ewan Dobson
One pair of eyes - Mike O'Neill
Stay away - Stuck On Planet Earth
Orpheus - Mary Cobham

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