Monday, February 11, 2013

Monday's Mix set list Famiglia daze 2013

Back at Coop Radio for Monday's Mix with Kelly Reaburn.

Yeah we talked about Family Day, and played a not bad set of music, pretty mixed up set. Unfortunately I can't direct you to an exact link for the show because one doesn't exist. The best i can do is say look at the archive....

here's what we played

Many things - Seun Kuti
Me gustas tu - Manu Chao
Porcelain - Moby
Dusk light - Del Bel
Rut & nuzzle - Snowblink
Maria - James
Blue Jay Way - The Beatles
Your mother should know - The Beatles
Moon river - Andy Williams
Canadian sunset - Andy Williams
Don't leave me Paris - Paul Irvine
Alberta winds - Elevator Music
New bodies - Bernice
Easier - Make Haste
Blip on a screen - The Streets
Sweet & tender hooligan - The Smiths
What once ran wild - Wild Domestic

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