Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Yeah yeah - Vancouver touching down

I'm about to embark on a road trip of sorts. Tomorrow night I will be leaving Vancouver and taking the Greyhound to Calgary, and then on Sunday I take a flight to Manchester, England.

I am close to completing my first pack of the backpack. My attempt at trying to travel lighter is looking good but at present nothing is in the backpack - ha ha! So I can not really boast about achieving anything at this stage.

I think the only thing I've not got right now is a Maple Leaf! I'm thinking of getting one just in case I run into difficulties in the north of England and end up hitch hiking - it will add some novelty to my appearance. I've also cut the hair and it's looking a touch hip(pyish)as the blade set #4 did not do a uniform cut. Yeah it was deliberate.

I've cut up the last of the fruit and put into freezer. Only the milk and some lemons left in the fridge. Oh yeah the lemons.

Going to use some of those right now.

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