Tuesday, June 28, 2011

A bittersweet Canada Day - Opinion

Postal workers are back at work after being legislated back to work by the Conservative Government. As that Lock Out comes to an end the Lock Out by Rocky Mountaineer on its on board staff continues.

Yesterday there was a picket line at both Rocky Mountaineer's head office on Terminal in Vancouver and then later a picket at the scenic train's western terminus just a few streets away.

At that picket line on board staff held Teamsters Local 31 picket signs as well as their own homemade signs. Workers cried as they saw bus loads of tourists leave the site. It really hit home at the sheer pointlessness of management's aggressive stance against what really is a great community of workers - family almost.

So yet again Canada Day is almost here and the expectation is to show patriotism for this great country of ours. My patriotism for the magnificent beauty of the mountains and the lakes continues. My despair with the brutality of the capitalist society continues also.

Despair never lasts long here. It turns to anger and shortly after that action. The fight for a democratic and just Canada continues.

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