Saturday, June 11, 2011

The 6.57 to St John's set list 11 june 2011

Back in fine form after a week off. Thanks to Pam Carr for hosting last week's show

Pre-show warm up to 6.57
Beetlebum - Blur
Stir it up - Bob Marley
Song 2 - Blur

set list
My best plaid - The City Streets
Yours & mine - The Stance
16 in April - Keep Me Safe
Gimme me a ride - Entire Cities
Protocols - Then Radio
Beat and the pulse - Austra
Mattlers - Lovely Killbots
What's left us - Construction & Destruction
Wildwood - Code Pie
Age 25-29 hairline - Shane Turner Overdrive
Filthy love - We Are Enfant Terrible
OMG - Ohama
Reach out your hands - Friends Electric
Smokin - Boston
Transmission - Joy Division
It's good to see you - Falklands
Kiss me when I come - Keep Me Safe
Alive - Stuck On Planet Earth
Kings, Queens & The Wax Machines - Pale Whale
Jenny jitters - The Stance
Sweet tooth - The Stance
Myself the cop - Pete Tremblay & The Boozy Truth
Mary - Pat Lepoidevin
Oh dear, oh dear, oh dear - Entire Cities

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