Friday, March 18, 2011


Sunrise is the name of a radio show that is in the works. It could be go within the first weeks of April. It would be a great time to get the green light. As the coordinator/director of the show I am excited to get this new vehicle for communication moving.

When I grad the radio program last summer my intention after a trip to England to visit family was to start job hunting on my return for an on-air radio gig. Yet on my return I didn't start that job hunt. Instead I continued to enjoy myself and to go out and have fun. In England I actually didn't do what you might term partying - rather I went for long coastal walks and walks over farmland on the Isle of Sheppey. I also made a trip north to the Lake District and got in some really good walking with my good buddy Peter McCready before he embarked on the long distance El Camino de San Tiago.

Back in Vancouver I got into a routine of work at the library and Coop Radio programming and socializing. I think around Christmas time I realized it was time to start focusing. In this last week or so I have felt something bordering on satisfaction at where I am going or where I am not going. I mean that both in terms of location and work.

It looks like I will be in Vancouver for at least another year. These plans could change and that is the one thing that I am embracing right now is change. Anyhow I want to talk about Sunrise and I want to say that this new radio show will provide a venue for discussion, commentary, humour, music and news Monday to Friday for 60 minutes early in the morning. It's going to be great. What is more, whoah Gary, we haven't got approval yet. But what is more there is so much to discuss right now.

For the first time in a really long time I listened to CBC Radio One for nearly three hours. I listen and love the CBC but in recent years I've become very much a small time listener. The odd 20 minutes here, five minutes there. It could be that there is a lot going on. But there is always big news all the time isn't there. Yet I can think of the current big stories in Japan, Libya and Haiti and I guess these are the top stories but that's not forgetting that just a few weeks ago the focus was on Egypt, Tunisia and the United States. Yet it very much still is. And here in Canada we could see a contempt of Parliament charge laid against a MP and the possibility of a federal election. There's a lot going on - I'm desperate to shine the light on these stories on Sunrise pun intended.

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