Wednesday, October 10, 2007

No more metal paint perhaps just Cashback

Layoff layoff layoff. No I aint asking for an easy time although you might see it as that in the sense that I am not working right now.

I got the layoff that I was craving. Painting with Urethane and Epoxy primer was really beginning to screw me up. I have no idea how the rest of the guys can work without a respirator. Me, I found the metal paint, and the day long restraint of a respirator, inhibited my ability to function normally and what with working in the drizzle I succumbed to a cold over the weekend. A pretty rotten one at that.

So now I continue on the road that is life and there are times when you see a film or read a book and something clicks. The right piece of art at the right time. I must admit on renting the film Cashback from Black Dog I was sold on the cover of the beautiful woman and Ben's night's of insomnia working in the local supermarket. I got more way more than I bargained for. Thanks Sean Ellis.

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