Thursday, September 6, 2007

Power washing with Clara

How did I get to here? After an intro to unionized painting, mostly commercial stuff and an interesting couple of weeks with last employer work, no work, work, no work, I have now entered the fold of industrial painting and I have to say so far it has been a very pleasant experience.

We work hard but have laughs along the way. There wasn't much laughter with the last two employers in the commercial painting sector. With Clara I am heaving weights around and preparing swing stage riggings and then working on the swing stages power washing and today painting.

For residents of Vancouver and those familiar with the UGG logo on the grain mill in the port, it will soon have a new logo. My part, I washed the UGG and painted over it with co-worker in readiness for sign writer to do his stuff next week.

There was more to write on my exit from oil but it can wait, or may never be written......

and for those interested in the grain mill itself

the following comes from

In 1913 the Company acquired a small elevator at New Westminster to handle feed grains from Alberta. This elevator had fairly good business opportunities until the depression. During the depression the feed business was temporarily disrupted and the elevator was sold. In 1925 United Grain Growers Limited purchased a controlling interest in the Burrard Elevator Company. At the time, Burrard operated a terminal in Vancouver which was under lease from the Harbours Board. UGG bought out the remaining shareholders of Burrard in 1980 and operated the terminal under lease for 36 years. In 1966 UGG acquired the 500,000 bushel terminal outright.
In an effort to become more efficient and increase throughput, several upgrading programs have been undertaken. The capacity of the Vancouver terminal was increased to 1,500,000 bushels in 1932, 2,500,000 bushels in 1959, and 3,600,000 bushels in 1972. In 1980 a central control panel was installed which semi-automated the terminal. 1984 witnessed a new oilseed cleaning section, increased trackage capacity, as well as the installation of shiploaders. Land acquired from the port of Vancouver will allow for increased storage on the east side of the elevator.
On 6 March 1989 the Vancouver Terminal ceased all operations in preparation for a major upgrading of the trackshed area, cleaning facilities and the distribution system. The terminal commenced unloading cars approximately ten months later, in December 1989.
The trackshed area has undertaken a new unloading concept, allowing only hopper car unloads. The track scale has been replaced by a batch weight scale, and car progressors are utilized for spotting cars.
Existing barley and wheat cleaners have been replaced with four rotary barley cleaners, and three new wheat cleaner sections increasing the cleaning capabilities immensely. The new distribution system will allow for a more efficient movement of grain within the terminal.

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