Thursday, September 6, 2007

Camping on Mayne Island Labour Day weekend

I made my virgin voyage let's call it to Mayne Island early Saturday morning for two blissful days and nights of camping. What a beautiful island and I have to say that Salt Spring has now been relegated to second place in terms of my favourite west coast islands. There isn't many other islands that I have visited.

Vancouver Island stands in a different league due to its size and sits better with my imagined league containing rivals - The Lower Mainland and the Okanagan.

As for the west coast islands, Galiano is 3rd and tiny Bowen is 4th. There, now you know all the islands that I have visited.

Having got up at a very early hour, close to my work alarm, actually earlier than my current work alarm I walked with S to Howe n Pender to board a bus to the Ladner Exchange and from there to Tswwassen for the ferry to Mayne with a stop for fellow Labour Day weekend travellers at Galiano Island.

From the ferry terminal on Mayne we hiked the few kms to the campsite which commands an amazing sea front location. Don't tell anyone! Miner's Bay was less than 20 minutes walk from campsite and thanks to True Value and the Miners Bay Post company it was possible to buy cheap grub and alcohol respectively.

On the Saturday under a hot sun we walked to the dockside and bought sockeye salmon. With a bottle of red and spuds and brocolli we dined in style beside our tent and the very stinky outhouses. Oh well we were last to arrive without a reservation. A fact for which I nearly paid with my life. Only joking.....

On Sunday we explored as far as Georgina Point and saw the Lighthouse before venturing back for our last night under the stars and a pasta dinner and two bottles of vino. Labour Day we hiked back to the ferry terminal and caught an earlier ferry back to Tswwassen.

True Value operate a Community Spirit initiative whereby when you shop at the store you tell the cashier which local organization you would like the grocery store to donate one per cent of the value of your purchase to at the end of the year.

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