Sunday, October 9, 2011

Red Bull prepares to cross Rocky Mountaineer picket lines

Red Bull's Mini Drome tour, a lapped bicycle ride comes to Vancouver and controversially the site of a Lock Out at the Rocky Mountaineer terminus, Cottrell Street on October 23.

The soft drink maker boasts that Mini Drome "brings skill, speed, balance, and bravado together on a steep and shrunken version, far from the traditional velodrome, to give competitors the most challenging and treacherous ride of their lives." At the same time competitors are having the time of their lives they will have to think on the fact that in taking part in this event they have crossed a picket line.

Rocky Mountaineer locked out its on-board attendants in June of this year and refuses to negotiate with the union Teamsters Local 31.

In addition spectators are also invited to cross the picket line. There is no admission charge.

The Super Champion Bike Shop at the foot of Main Street near Cordova is acting in partnership with Red Bull to organize the event. The store is taking registrants information.

The Vancouver International Film Festival also held an event at the Cottrell Street site. A large picket and mobilization by the B.C Federation of Labour persuaded film lovers to boycott the event.

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