Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Last Call set list 12 May 2010

set list 12 May

Time - Supergrass
Monster - Digits
Volley into the night - Digits
Radioactivity - Kraftwerk
Rad adaptor - The Torrent
Quiet little voices - We Were Promised Jetpacks
Hey student - The Fall
Polar bear - Ride
Polar bear - The Charlatans
The killing moon - Echo & The Bunnymen
Neon beanbag - Stereolab
Get me - Everything but the Girl
Hypnotised - Spacemen 3
Tubby at the control - King Tubby
Message 4U People - World Domination Enterprises
Candidate - Joy Division
Dream attack - New Order
Born a girl - Manic Street Preachers
Modern drift - Efterklang
Speed of sound - Coldplay
Closer you are - Guided By Voices
Rivers of Babylon - Snuff
Wattsville blues - Manic Street Preachers
King & Caroline - Guides By Voices
Turn off your phone; stay the night - The Shagbots
Gravity - Nico Vega
Number one - Harlem Hippies
Be your baby - Harlem Hippies
Cindy of a thousand lives - Billy Bragg
The world turned upside down - Billy Bragg
Help save the youth of America - Billy Bragg
Distant shore - Billy Bragg

1 comment:

jenna said...

wow, your playlists reflect my own music collection; it's like i'm looking through all of those shoe boxes full of mixed tapes i have packed away!

and yay, you played new order's "dream attack"!