Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Typos, warts and all - an update of sorts

I knew it was too good to last. I get an internet connection and then AVG, my anti-virus friend instructs me shutdown is imminent.

So yes, I am posting from Brighton England. I have tried to get online with my laptop previously during my trip to England but gave up and packed away my laptop for safekeeping at mum and dad's in Sheppey. I made way off armed only with my digital camera and a cell, er sorry mobile phone.

After a brief stop in south london and then east London I boarded a plane from Stansted Airport to Shannon, close to Limerick, in Ireland. I passed a very relaxing but also adventurous week in Ballina, Killarney, Baltimore and finally Cork before flying back to Gatwick, and heading south to Brighton, for my first of two visits here on the south coast of England.

In Ireland I stayed with my cousin for three nights before striking out on the national bus services. My first port of call - Killarney. At the hostel met some other adventurous souls and the next day we made it out to Carrantouhil, the tallest peak in the country. We successfully climbed it despite the unfavourable conditions of snow, sleet, wind and rain.

From Killarney I took the bus via Cork to Skibbereen only to find that the hostel there was closed for the season. The hostel manager very kindly gave me a ride back to town from where i started walking south direction Baltimore, and after a Polish woman picked me up in her car I found myself soon at the hostel.

I spent two nights in Baltimore walking out to the Beacon and admiring the cliffs and the small bars with a fellow traveller.

After Baltimore it was back to Cork for three days of city life, in Ireland's second city. Again I stopped at the hostel. Back in the UK I arrived in Brighton for a few days more by the sea. Then back to the Smoke and Sheppey again for a second stay with my parents. I left yesterday.

I believe like the saying says a picture can tell a thousand words so I will endeavour to put a few more pics up.


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